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I was just thinking, how would you guys’n girls go about the tricky thing called “Transitions”…?

I see some sites having the loadMovie, and others just skipping to other scenes…

Hmm, ussually what i’ve done is ,

create a mc where has doors closing…

and inside that mc ( or on a layer behind it) load the MC, and when its done, play the doors to open again. That way it loads and has a good transistion…

I did it once before a while ago =)

hmm, i had something to say a minute ago, i forgot… d*mn my short term memory… it was something about loadmovies after playing a frame… grr…

What were we saying? O well =) hehe I know the feeling happens to me all the time =)

AHA!! just popped into my head again! :stuck_out_tongue:

How would you suppose transitions like those on were made?

not graphically speaking… code.

Im guessing that he has some code doing the cool squares going away and back, but i think its still using a movie clip, thats the only what i’d know how (and the best way to keep it all together)… =)

I think I remember him saying once in his forum that his squares are all tweened to get that effect. So, this follows the same situation as your closing and opening doors Raydred.

So i guess every “place” on his site is a loaded swf of its own right? Otherwise it wouldn’t load bu itself whenever you go to a new place. And when you want to go to a new place, it plays the square tween (mask) and then loads the new swf…?

Yeah basically it loads the new swf file and the preloader has the squares come in then it preloads. After preloading is done is plays the squares out animation then at the end of that it shows the section.

ooooohhhh… :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been racking my brain for weeks trying to figure out how it would play trasition “out”, THEN load a swf… I didn’t know how it’d know where to go after playing “out”… hehe…

Man this sheds a sh*tload of light on everything… LOL

hella easy then… (doh)

Well then, is there a way to preload en external swf…? not loading it using loadmovie, but preloading it, so when i call it, it’s already loaded, and then i don’t have to have a preloader for that one…

Previously I didn’t think that was possible, but then I found out it was. Ilyas posted it in a thread somewhere on this board, I can’t seem to find it right now, if I do find it I will let you know though.

That’d be great lost, just send me PM… I have a bad habit of forgetting where i posted some times…

PM Sent(-:

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