Transitions between External SWFs - Voetsjoeba Tutorial

hi there, im pretty new when it comes ta flash so please forgive me.

I have followed through this tutorial:

And I can get it to work when the buttons are on the main scene, but I want my buttons to be in a movie clip within the scene. I then follow the tutorial again but I get the following message:

Scene=Scene 1, Layer=actions new, Frame=3: Line 1: Operator ‘=’ must be followed by an operand
_root.currMovie = “work”;

hope that makes sense…, what Is it im doin wrong?

Thanks, keljnr.

Oh I see, you have your buttons inside the external swfs instead of in the main movie ? Well then you indeed need to adjust the paths. Suppose the container movie is on the main timeline (of the main file), then you can always use _root.container to target it, from nomatter where or what submovie. Just keep in mind that when you use _root in an external swf, that it will point to the main timeline of the movie it was loaded in, and not the main timeline of the swf itself. But, when the swf is viewed on itself, _root will target to the main timeline of the swf. So if you want to target the container movieclip from a movieclip that was loaded in it, you can either use a relative path (_parent, since you are targetting the movieclip the swf was loaded in) or an absolute path (_root.container), where _root targets the main timeline of the main movie.

Thanks alot Voetsjoeba, I kind of understand it just have to see if it works.