Transparent background

is there a way that i can make my movies have a transparent background so that you can see the web page’s background?


yeah. Kirupa has a tutorial on it. I think it is under special effects in the flash 5 tutorials page. it might say some thing like “dhtml in flash” When his site gets back up check.


The most basic way is to set your background to transparent, in your menu option, “File/Publish settings”. Click on the html tab and mark off that checkbox.

The resulting published html page can be opened with your favorite html editor.

From there, just look at the place where it says something like “window=transparent”. If you memorize the way that this html is writen, you can just go in and edit the object and embed tags from any script that you make. (Note:there are two locations in the html where it set’s transparency… you have to set them both.)