Tree Component and loadMovie

Hey just playing with the tree component and went through the help file for it. Thier tree was setup to perform a getURL and i wanted to change it to loadMovie. The problem was when pressed it actually wouldnt load into the clip that I wanted it to, instead it would load into the clip that holds the tree… No idea why it is doing that but.

It is suppose to load into mc_content but instead loads into menuTree i belive.

import mx.controls.Tree;

class TreeNavMenu extends MovieClip {
	var menuXML:XML;
	var menuTree:Tree;
	function TreeNavMenu() {
		// Set up the appearance of the tree and event handlers.
		menuTree.setStyle("fontFamily", "_sans");
		menuTree.setStyle("fontSize", 12);
		// Load the menu XML.
		var treeNavMenu = this;
		menuXML = new XML();
		menuXML.ignoreWhite = true;
		menuXML.onLoad = function() {
	function change(event:Object) {
		if (menuTree == {
			var node = menuTree.selectedItem;
			// If this is a branch, expand/collapse it.
			if (menuTree.getIsBranch(node)) {
			 menuTree.setIsOpen(node, !menuTree.getIsOpen(node), true);
			// If this is a hyperlink, jump to it.
			var url = node.attributes.url;

  if (url) {
				loadMovie(url, _root.mc_content);
			// Clear any selection.
			menuTree.selectedNode = null;
	function onMenuLoaded() {
		menuTree.dataProvider = menuXML.firstChild;
		menuTree.addEventListener("change", this);

Any help would be cool.

Thx alot.