Triangular flash movies?

i’ve seen on a few sites people using shapes in their webpages that aren’t the standard rectangular that flash gives out.

am i missing something huge that everyone knows about, are they revolutionizing, or did i make a mistake?

Just the power of the line tool. If you hold shift while using the line tool it creates a perfectly straight line. This comes in handy A LOT. Also if you put your mouse close to a line you might notice it turns into a curve or an angle, this allows you to curve out a line, or change the angle of a corner. Very cool tools.

beta, i guess it’s not a shape IN the movie, but the movie itself !

and that can’t be done at the moment; for standalone projectors, there’s tools out there like the stuff, but not embedded in an html page, only thing is, you can make the content any shape you want (leave the rest blank) but the stage itself is a rectangle by nature

Oh, that explains a lot. As Homer Simpson says…'DOH!

yeah sorry if i hadn’t described what i was asking better. i was looking for a way to change the size of the actual flash movie when embedded into flash.

like a triangular movie for example

Also, you ever seen a triangular or roung jpg, gif, png or whatever?
It s*** , but they all are square!

Just make the background of your stage and the background of the HTML page you embed your SWF on the same color. Then draw the shape and don’t put anything out side the triangle or whatever you draw. Hope this helped.

PS. You could fill your triangle and put it on the top layer then mask it. Everything on a lower layer would only show through this mask. You could then have objects outside the triangle that wouldn’t show.

i dont think im explaning what im asking well enough. i want the actual exported flash to be a shape other than rectangular. i know theres ways to fake the look of it, like using the same color background and things like that.

Well if you want to change the exact shape of the exported movie, I can tell you that it is impossible at the moment. Maybe Macromedia will add support for that in the future, but as of now it does not support the exporting of shaped Flash movies.

i think that’d add alot more possibilities to web development. thanks beta

Haha, something very funny happened to me today. I was browsing the web and I got a pop-up window. I accidently clicked on it and it took me to this page…

What is so funny about that? Well, it sounds like that is a program that can do almost exactly what you wanted to do! I didn’t think it was possible, but aparently it is through an outside program. They have a 30 day free trial if you want to check it out.

See… now that would be great for developing one of those desktop petpal type things. I’ve often wanted to do one of those.

I have a desktop pet pal. It is a sheep and it rules all. It pees, it eats, it falls, it dies, it walks on your AIM windows, or any other windows you have opened. It dives from the top of the screen then turns into a flaming ball and lands in a tub. I love it!!!

It isn’t flash though, it is a program, a very very small program so it won’t take up RAM when it is running, that is one of the best parts. It actually takes no .dll files or anything, just the one .exe file.

that is nice. Most of those take up far too much ram resources to be practical.

My sheep is 310KB total file size and takes up virtually no ram that I notice.

Send me your sheep please, meeeuh. lol
[email protected]

Sheep sent… :slight_smile:

i’d like that sheep too please

[email protected]

also, very nice program, its doing exactly what im asking for! but do others need the program to be able to see things i’ve made with it?

Hey Hojo, the sheep is sent.

And I didn’t have to install anything to view the examples they had on their site, so I don’t think your viewer will. Not 100% sure though. I did have to download a .exe file, but I don’t have the program so I don’t know if you are able to export into a browser or something.

alright, cool, i’ll try it out and post results

thanks for the sheep, he really is awesome, heh