Trigonometry tutorial

Some people around complained that they new zip about trigonometry and math. So I was thinking about doing a tute about that. Can you just say what you’be interested in?
If you’re interested.

pom :asian:

I think, practical examples of the use of cosine and sine would be good.

really the best bet is to wait until after the contest is over and then show how you took the grid and did each of the submissions you made. The ripples themselves would be a great example.

btw… since you’re getting into this, and you seem to have a good grasp of math. Have you seen the ORielly book “Physics for game designers”. It’s got a Cat and Mouse on the cover. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out some time. It’s got many many helpful hints for making realistic velocity, lag, spin, colision/redirection etc.

I am interested in any of the trig functions and how to use them.

Since there are probably a lot I would say the major ones like the cos,sin,tan and things like sqrt. Also whatever you used in your contest entries.

Wow, I might as well ask you to write a friggin book…haha. I guess what I am trying to say is that anything would be useful to me on the Math side of Flash. Math is my worst subject, which actually makes no sense since I want to be a <I>programmer</I>/graphic and web designer.

That would be jus amazing. I will show me i have no idea on that when i read through anything you’ll writte about that.

I’ve been trying to aply Math.sin to alpha to get something similar to that random color post somewhere in the forums. I managed to get NOTHING, :frowning:

So my eyes are wide open to read your tuts!!

OK, hold it right here. I hope Kirupa reads this because we definitely need his opinion: I understand what you mean Upu, but it could be interesting to have this BEFORE the contest, don’t you think? In that case, we’d ned to postpone it a bit.

I don’t know, tell me what you think.

pom :asian: