Trouble with changing root to another level

Hi, im a novice/intermediate with flash.
I am trying to use parts of a template for a flash site in my own site.
On one of my sites pages I am trying to use a set of buttons and pages.
My problem is that the flash buttons & pages from the template are set to the ROOT of the template, but I am putting them on 1 or 2 levels difference on my site.
Here is the code for the release of the button:

on (release) {
if (<>num and _root.animation == 0) {
_root.animation = 0;
_root.link_prev =;
_parent._parent.c4_mc.gotoAndPlay(“s2”); = num;;
I need to change the ROOT to a different level, but im not sure what to do. When I press the buttons they are animated as they should be, but they don’t change/open the different pages.

I have the .fla file of the parts taken from the template. I have set it up another level from the original so it resembles how it is on my site.

Any help would be appreciated. This is really bugging me and is the first time I have asked for help anywhere.