Trouble With Hovering Captions

Haven’t had to come here for a while. Nice to know you’re all still alive…

I’m doing a movie which is going to basically be navigation for a website. I was following Kirupas tutorial about the hovering captions and everything was cool, but when I went to paste the “on (rollover)” action script into the actions panel of one of the symbols, it kept adding “onClipEvent (load) {”.

Then when I would test the movie, I got the follwing error:

Scene=Scene 1, Layer=History Symbol, Frame=20: Line 2: on handlers may not nest within other on handlers
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp on (rollOver) {

Needless to say, I can’t get it to work. It was fine when I did the tutorial with Kirupas file, but I can’t get it to work now.

One other thing: After I put the “on (rollover)” script in an get the movie to work right, I still need the symbols to function as links to other pages. Can I just add the “getURL” script after the “on (rollover)” stuff or what?

Sory this is so long, thanks for the help.

You get that error because you seem to be willing to put the code in a movie clip, not a button. Check it.

Concerning the linking, you’d better do it on (press), or else when you roll over the buttons it will launch a new window…

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