Trouble with pop up window

greetings, i am using a simple new window script, but need to alter it. when i open up one of the links, if i dont close it, but go to open up a different link. the already open window pops back up. i need this window to change due to the new link pressed. the site is [COLOR=Red][link removed by claudio][/COLOR] click on the prodoct locator to see an example.

here is the script for the root->

 _root.openWinCentre = function(url, winName, w, h, toolbar, location, directories, status, menubar, scrollbars, resizable) {
 getURL("javascript:var myWin; if(!myWin || myWin.closed){myWin ='"+url+"','"+winName+"','"+"width="+w+",height="+h+",toolbar="+toolbar+",location="+location+",directories="+directories+",status="+status+",menubar="+menubar+",scrollbars="+scrollbars+",resizable="+resizable+",top='+((screen.height/2)-("+h/2+"))+',left='+((screen.width/2)-("+w/2+"))+'"+"')}else{myWin.focus();};void(0);");

the script for the button.>

on (release) {
 //customize the window that gets opened 
 // 0 equals NO. 
 // 1 equals YES. 
 address =  [COLOR=Red][removed by claudio][/COLOR] 
 width = 650;
 height = 590;
 toolbar = 0;
 location = 0;
 directories = 0;
 status = 0;
 menubar = 0;
 scrollbars = 1;
 resizable = 0;
 //sends data back to the function 
 openWinCentre(address, target_winName, width, height, toolbar, location, directories, status, menubar, scrollbars, resizable);

any help would be great help