Troubles with scripting multiple sounds

Okay here’s the deal:

What I’m trying to accomplish is, to have two sounds playing, whose tempos are matched, one has it’s volume all the way down and the other is playing. And at the click of a button one sound will fade into the other.

Snag #1: My sound clips keep sharing the same volume. When I set one, it sets the volume of the other. They are each in their own movie clip, so I assume they’d have their own timeline and therefore be able to edit their volumes separately. But I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.

Snag #2: For some reason my .onMouseDown is executing without a mouse click… I haven’t had trouble with it before…

Please take a look at my code, found here: Click Click!
(file expires in 14 days)

Any help would be much appreciated, Thank you!