Trying to reproduce this

I’ve been trying to create a music player like the one found here… I’ve tried to use the sound object but I guess I dont understand it well enough. So far I just put the tracks into seperate swf’s and use the loadMovie(“swf”). But I want to make it more dynamic, for example what if I didnt know how many tracks there were and what if I didnt know the track names and so forth… Can anyone shed some light…?

I believe Titratonixitrixonyxation is doing a tutorial about that.\rpom 0]

you got a url for that?

Not done yet, I guess.\rpom 0]

Oh, but I don’t think that it will feature all these things. What you can do is use PHP to do this. Do you know how to use it ?\rpom 0]

No, but Im pretty good with ASP…