Tshirt prototype opinions

Just finishing off a mad ad campaign for this apparel company now we are on to the shirt designs… They like these 2 we put together but I want know you guys opinions… These are going to be printed on black t-shirts…they are not really to scale…sorry about the size ya’ll

and another color same version

Is it about sex ?! :wink:

I like the second one better. but they are both cool. :slight_smile:

hahahah…nope not sex…sports apparel…mainly basketball…they wanted something simple…

“whenever, wherever… we’ll(?) always be together… I’ll be here and you’ll be neeeeeeeeeear, and that’s the deal my deeeeeeear”

w00t! great shirt designs :beam:

I like the glow, but I’m not a fan of how the two glows meet creating a bright white. I find it distracting, and it pulls my eye away from the rest of the design, forcing me to focus on those portions.

Also, the font underneath the “logo” should be a little more slick - it feels plain, like an after-thought.


yeah that font is pretty plain…hhmmmm…think I will jazz it up…my business partner agrees with you on the glow joining thing but the client loved it…and I did that on accident…go figure. hey bleu how did you get that pitted look to your concrete texture…?on your footer <---- you answered this already thanks

Iva, if the client loved it then that’s all you need to know! You’ve succeeded :slight_smile:


i like the first one, the glow is more piercing, and i like blue…but i love both, good work

2nd one:)

BOTH! lol, just i keep going to the “e” though. and wasnt this a nike shirt?

(btw January for Halo 2? cries)

well it is a faction of there organization…kind like team jordan…hopefully you will see these in stores very soon…

What kind of material is the clothing going to be printed on? It looks very nice, what if the company printed it on one of those Iron on Sticker materials :x

it will be on 100% cotton shirts…it will not be a transfer but a four color screen print. The company that is going to actually do the printing for me did wonders with my first batch of shirts and they sold pretty well.