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I am making a game and in this game you make this guy walk. But when he makes it to a certain point (in my case it is a computer) I want text to come up and say “Press The Up Arrow button to access the computer”

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Another thing I want to be able to do is. When you move with the arrow his legs will move like someone is walking, but when you let go I want him to stop walking?!?!?! how!??!!

The first one is easy. Make the text a new movieclip. On the 2nd frame of this movieclip put the text. The first frame will be completely blank with a stop(); action applied to it. Then, on the main scene on an actions layer:

if (_root.nameofmanmc._x > _root.nameofcomputerm._x) {

This should work, it’s a very simple way to do it.

For your second question, Flex had a post in a different section about this. I’ll see if I can find it.


THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!:slight_smile:

Here is this also:

Flex used an animated gif with 6 animations for running. It looks like this: