Tutorial arrivals

hey kirupa do u have any idea when the tutorials for mx will be up and running coz i need help mind you i am runnin off your forum and i am gettin great info big up to all the members


I’m working on it, I’m sure Thoriphe is too, since he seems to have a really good grasp yet, and Kirupa as well. It’s coming, baby !

pom 0]

We’ve had it for a week and already peeps are wondering where the tutorials are. :slight_smile: you’d think that we all just Flash all day long no? :wink:

Relax all! The tutorials will be up in the next few days; of course, more will be added in the course of the next few months, years, and up until Flash MX2 comes out :slight_smile:

Congratulations Pom on reaching your 1500th post! That’s really impressive!!!


thats cool just wondering coz i aint exactly the best flash person need all the help i can get

The first tutorial will be done tomorrow! I’m into the 3rd and final page, and it I can’t wait to have it up.

yeah ive used the first tutorial its great well done i made a nice little animation but forgot to save it then my pc crashed lol
oh well plenty of time anyway