Should I make a tutorial for this effect, it looks pretty cool for a 5 minute morph job, the pathetic white random blocks don’t exactly make the effect look too cool, but it is the same method I used in my footer. I am talking about the trail, which looked nice in a morphing phase. So what you think, tutorial or no?

[swf=“http://www.macromotive.com/ebay/dalu/morph.swf height=100 width=100”][/swf]

make it a tut, NOW! :stuck_out_tongue:

good one dan!


definately…its very basic but thats how tutorials should be, easy to follow and read and with this basic tutorial, much can be learned and many other amazing effects made :cool:

So far I think I’ll make a tutorial, anyone else have an opinion on what I should do on this next tutorial and if this effect is worthy enough?

skills using tweens? that’s something you don’t see everyday

very cool effect! Can’t wait for the tute!
Go! Go! Go! can’t wait man!


I do see those skills every day … I just need to look at dan’s footer

I just tried this by my self…

in a VERY basic way… worked oki actually, but I bet Dan’s method is better…

YES please do I like tweening…I have been tryong to figure out this for sometime. I had some success but I am sure yours is much better

I did mine by tweening…

But I’d prefer coding it…

But (again)… I’m too lazy right now… :chinaman:

I want to see both of your results. Mine involves no code, but once you have the main basis of the idea it takes no time what so ever to add a trail to anything!

here’s mine…


maybe I’d increase the FPS (-:

Eilsoe I think you used the same method as me! Of course it is probably the only tweening method to do this, so of course we found the same method. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Dan, you know I want to see a tutorial on this.

I am so horrible at the design side of flash, and I can’t create a nice tween to save my life, I MUST KNOW!!!