Tutorial on rotating 3D

i dunno if i just missed it, but has there already been a tutorial on rotating 3D?
dan has a sample of this stuff on his footer.
is it better to do the 3D image in flash itself or should i use another program like Ulead/Swift 3D?

The 3D in Dan’s footer was done using Swift 3D. He entered the text { Dan } and then animated it in Swift. There is a simple tutorial on the net somewhere for 3D, but it isn’t nearly as detailed or realistic as what can be accomplished with Swift or other 3D modeling/animation programs.

actually i’ve been experimenting some on 3d myself. it’s still a lil complicated for me but i’m getting there. once i master, i’ll be sure to put up a tutorial. as of content, this is all i could pull off so far:
<a href=http://www.danalu.com/flash/dna.swf> here </a>

kirupa i got lost. did you mean the animation for the 3D text has to be done in swift 3D and the output file has to be imported in flash, or that the entire footer was done in swift 3d and nothing was done in flash?

thoriphes exactamento! what software did you use for that?

He used the software from his brain and he used a flash plug-in called his finger tips! lol a little Flash humor!

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oh, that my friend (sidky) is 100% flash. i’ll let you know in da next episode!

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To get back 2 da subject, watcha wanna have in your tut’ on 3D, sid’? I mean, you can have a tut’ about fake 3D simulated with ActionScript, or something about the use of 3rd Party software outputting to swf? Swift is already up there…Flashkit got some, PopedeFlash maybe…what do you want to do?

geez eyez since i’m completely new to 3D animation i dunno where to start. what would you recommend? i thought maybe doing something like the rotating DA on dan’s footer might be a good place to start.

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well, I would recommend you find out first what it is you wanna do, so we can tell you then how to do it :slight_smile:
If it’s just letters, you can break them apart, duplicate, keep only the outlines and connect them to create an object that looks 3d, and then tween that (all in Flash), or use swift if you have it…

the rotating “3d” text in my 3d section of my site ( vts330.tripod.com ) was animated entirely in flash frame frame(no tweeing) with my wacom tab;et. took a few hours but it was fun.

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