Tutorial request #2 :)

Hello again
Since i had such amazing luck here with the infinite menu I thought I’d try again.
On this site:
ALL GAMES(on the left) > ENCLAVE(or any game on the right)
There are some pull out menues on the sides of the centre area that I’ve never seen anywhere else. They have some friction on them which gives them a great hydraulic feel, and if you dont pull them out the full distance before you let go of the mouse button they will snap back to the original place.
I was just wondering if anyone knew where there was a tutorial on how this is achieved?

Thanx again :slight_smile:

P.S. I appologize if I’m posting in the wrong forum.

Hrmmm, no clue, but I don’t like it much.

It is incredibly hard on my 800x600 to pull the bars far enough to get the menus out without go off the window and having to start over.

It is very original, but it should been designed for the over 60% who run on 800x600 rather than the 40% who run 1024x768 monitors.

ya, I had the same probelm but I thought it might just be a speed setting or something.

Thanx for speedy response :slight_smile:

No prob, hopefully someone will come around who can answer your question.

If worst comes to worst you can e-mail them, but I doubt they will reply, and if they do, I doubt they will tell you how.

But you never know unless you try. I e-mailed some guy about something on his Flash site and he told me and gave me an example .fla to learn from.

Some people are just cool like that.