Okay, I just got Swift 3d today, v 1.0 or something.
Okay, now I dont have a clue where to start with this program, I can make text and stuff, but how do I start doing more web site stuff?

Well you’ll need a little bit of code for putting swfs in an html… what html editor do you use… if it’s frontpage or dreamweaver they have built in functions for producing the script nessesary.
If not, I could write up a small snippet that you could use by just changing around the names and dimensions. Let me know

Well I’m a flash veteran. So I know how to get my swf’s onto the web, but my problem is doing the work in Swift 3d.
how do I do a box? I only have the option for Sphere Cone Text and Torus.

ahh there are two ways of doing a box…

  1. you can use a squre webding, or wingding. Then just change the depth to make it a full cube.
  2. you can import an adobe illustrator file into swift. So you create a square (stroke or fill it doesn’t matter), and use the import feature.

if you don’t have illustrator, flash5.0 will export docs as .ai files. I do most of my stuff in flash, export it that way, and import it into swift3d.

sweet. Exactly what can I do website wise with Swift. I mean, I saw the site that did it and Ultrashock, but ****!
How do I do that stuff?

My forum, “the Thinktank” has a new logo that I made with Swift and Flash. Personaly I think that you need both to do anything serious. That one, that you see, could have actually been done entirely with swift, if you would like to wait for a million years for it to render. As it stands I did it in about an hour.
The real sharp people have combined flash and swift into things like 3D objects which follow the mouse around, or in some other way dynamicaly move based upon user imput. That sort of thing is all flashes doing, as swift has no action scripting editor.

I made this is both

sweet… I also suggestion you look into the cool sites section. there are lots of examples there of sites using both together.