TV Programming Schedule

Can anyone tell me as to how i could go about reproducing a schedule setup like this in flash? Where all the information is dynamically fed? Im looking for the SIMPLEST solution as well. Please click the link below to see what i am talking about. I want the calendar as well as the schedule to work exactly the same way


XML would be the way to go i reckon. Just have an individual node for each tv show, then have its start time, end time, title, url link etc as sub nodes.

ok…but im talking about having it display in that same tabularized format…where each show is a cell…and u can click the forward button to see the rest of the shows going on for that day. How exactly would i code and set that up? I am not a programmer…purely a designer. Thanks

check out the data grid component… probably be the way to go here…

could u tell me as to how i can go about coding or setting up the data
grid to do wat i need? thanks

actually, it would be really easy if they had a rss feed on the schedule cause then you can simply pull the parts of the xml that you want.

example** on myspace people have blogs, and you can click rss to display nice xml and can set up flash to pull parts or all of it that you need. and it makes it nice cause you can format it like you want.

i’m not sure how this helps you cause hbo miught not do this but for the person who codes the site it would take them less then 20 mins to set that up. i would email them if you can’t find an rss link.