TV Screen Measurement in Pixels

I’m currently designing a TV ad and I need the measurements of the TV in pixels. Does Anyone know?

Thanx a lot for your attention

it really depends in what format your going to export the final product and the quality if you use tmpgenc it tells you the basic sizes in pixels according to the quality video cd is 352x240, supervcd is 480x480 and finally dvd quality is 780x480 so it all depends for more info try searching here

It also depends upon the intended audience. If it will be viewed on a standard TV, the best you can hope for is around 560x420 (a bit more if there are no borders or margins in the viewer). If it will be viewed on an HDTV, you jumpt to around 850x480, and for plasma screens it’s upwards of 1024x768.

I totally forgot about how small they are… I’m running so much higher on a monitor that’s like 1/3 the size :P, but why don’t you just ask your client what size they want?