TV series

Okay so this is sorta like the ‘old shows thread’, but hey, I like cartoons/tv. heh. So… what is everyone’s fav? How about we list top five, cause top five’s are way better than number ones. Um…

  1. King of the Hill
    This was a tough choice… I mean I vary a lot between family guy/koth/simpsons it seems. I’m watching KOTH right now so it probably influenced my decision.
  2. Family Guy
    This show cracks me up SO HARD…
  3. Simpsons
    It’s sad really, that they come in way down at three… but they haven’t really had a decent season for like, years now…
  4. Cowboy Bebop
    I’m thinking about trying to get Spike’s hair… he is the coolest…
  5. Inuyasha
    I actually don’t watch this that often, but it is definatly cool

Anyone else? :smiley: