Tween Animation Help

Hello to all,

Thanks to jakesee’s suggestion, I’ve looked into Tweener, and I’m very excited about using the _bezier transition.

However, I want to know how do you get the current x position value of the tween object during the animation?
I want to move a movieclip across the stage, but at a certain x position, i.e. x=600, a new movieclip is added to the stage and chases behind the first one.

My current code looks like this:

import caurina.transitions.*;


//Tween Start
Tweener.addTween(elephant,{x:-150, _bezier:[{x:625}, {x:450}, {x:300}, {x:50}], time:15, transition:"linear", onUpdate:enterHippo});
function enterHippo():void
    if(elephant.x <= 625) //Doesn't execute when x <= 625
          Tween for hippo starts

When I do a trace statement, as trace(elephant.x), the x value changes as elephant moves across. So I’m not sure why using elephant.x will not work in the if statement.

Please suggest me if I’m not on the right direction. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you all.