Tween Problem

Hello, I have developed a tween. In it I have a movie clip that loads other movie clips. Now this teen is responsable to get in the movie and out (one tween to get it in and the other one to get it out.

Now this works fine, but when I scroll the second movie clip inside the tween for some reason, the tween when scrolling out does not move this movie clip as well. If i don’t scroll the movie clip, then it works fine.

I have uploaded my swf file on my school server space. Maybe someone can give it a look to see what I mean.

Follow these steps to see the problem.

  1. Press Start
  2. Press Index
  3. Click The X Buttun (notice how it scrolls out).
  4. Press Index
  5. Scroll Right
  6. Click The X Buttun (notice how it scrolls out).

3 & 6 show the difference on how the movie scrolls out.

thanks in advance for any sugestions!

ee the url to the see the movie clip is the following: