Tween through dynamically loaded images

I have a working AS2 banner that loads in an array of images into a movieclip using flashvars and then cycles through these (there’s no limit on the array length).

Unforunately, the images couldn’t alpha tween into eachother as the AS2 script needs to be seperated onto sperate keyframes in order to count through the array.

I’ve created another movieclip which loads in the ‘next’ image in the array, so that when the current image fades down, the next fades up.

So to break down:

bannerContainer_mc - loads current image
nextContainer_mc - loads next image

Unfortunately when the timeline loops to the start again, bannerContainer_mc loads in the image which was previously loaded into nextContainer_mc. This creates a ‘jolt’ in the animation as the same image is re-loaded.

Is there any way of perhaps caching nextContainer_mc at the end of the banner sequence, to save loading it again in bannerContainer_mc?

I’ll post the AS2 script if need be (it’s not long)…any help much appreciated!