I was wondering if anyone could help me with a little problem. Basicly I want two tweens running at the same time, so I downloaded TweenExtended mod, which is exactly the same as Tween but allows you to modify more than one property. The problem is that it doesn’t let you choose different easing equations for different properties. I want _width to tween at the same time as _height, but I want _width to use Back.easeInOut, and _height to use Strong.easeIn. So I had to put them in normal Tween’s and seperate. This makes my _width tween first, and then my _height. So if you look at and choose a link, you see the height is Tweened after the box gets to its position, where-as the width is Tweened on the way.

		var widthTween:Tween = new Tween(this.m_box_MC.contentBox_MC, "_width", Back.easeInOut, this.m_box_MC.contentBox_MC._width, this.m_file_MC.contentBox_Guide._width, 21, false);
		var heightTween:Tween = new Tween(this.m_box_MC.contentBox_MC, "_height", Strong.easeIn, this.m_box_MC.contentBox_MC._height, this.m_file_MC.contentBox_Guide._height, 21, false);
		var positionTween:TweenExtended = new TweenExtended(this.m_box_MC, ["_x", "_y"], Strong.easeInOut, [this.m_box_MC._x, this.m_box_MC._y], [this.m_file_MC.contentBox_Guide._x, this.m_file_MC.contentBox_Guide._y], 21, false);

The widthTween, and positionTween will run at the same time (positionTween doesn’t wait for widthTween because its a different class I guess).

Is there any way to Tween two properties with two different easing equations using the Tween class or some mod of it. Or am I stuck with one easing equation, or must I resort to some sort of custom made code like penners function and my own onEnterFrame thing?