Tweening Dynamic Text

I have a dynamic text inside a movie clip. I placed this action on the instance of the dynamic text:\ronClipEvent(load) {\r text = “this is a text”;\r}\r\rOn the movie clip I created a motion tween changing the _alpha of the dynamic text from 50% to 0%.\r\rBut when movie clip is loaded, it only showed the dynamic text not doing anything.\r\rWhat did I do wrong? Help pls.

i’m doing a tutorial on this. If you want I can send you the zip of the files and you can take a look at it. let me know, and give me your e-mail (if it is not already in your exBoard Profile.)\r\rheres the effect that it produces.\r\r<embed src=“” height=550 width=550></embed>

Would you be so kind as to send those files to me also ?\r\rI have exactly this problem myself… and a looming class project due.\r\rThank you!\r\rGary

i can send the file, but i need your e-mail address. If you don’t want to post your e-mail on the board, e-mail me first and then I would be happy to send you the files. [email protected]

[email protected] Please send it to me. also please make sure you put what it is in the subject line or I might delete it inadvertently.\r\rSynista

better yet…Kirupa put the tutorial up on his site. It has all the files that i was going to send…\r\…mation.asp\r\rthere you go. if you have any problems e-mail me.

Thanks for the help, jubba. Actually, it wasn’t the solution i was looking for. I solved it already. I just forgot to activate the ‘embed fonts’. That was why my dynamic text was not doing its motion tween.\r\rI saw your tutorial and it’s really comprehensive. I wish i saw that tutorial before i made my own text animation.\r\rThanks again.