Tweening problems!


I’m trying to create a simple animation: How to fold a letter to put into an envelope (for a typing class). Easy right?:-\ Hah!

All I’ve been able to do for the past 3 hourse is draw the paper, then begin to fold it (if you have a pice of paper in front of you on a table, I’ve been able to get the bottom edge of the paper to be perpendicular to the table). Once I try to get the paper folded on itself, the shape tween rotates the partially folded edge (the left hand corner of the paper tweens itself into the right hand corner…).

Does anyone have any clue how to make it simpler?

dont try to do shape tween… it is much more difficult. Instead, just visualize each fold as separate object and then accomodate in a frame by frame animation using keyframes instead of tweens.
When you have a “rough” look, you can create tweens between certain keyframes to achieve the desired look.

Good luck!

I’ll give it a try. Thanks!:slight_smile: