how do you make the tweening effect on many sites, 2 advanced is one, where on the main page before the preloader where it kinda moves up the page, if you dont get what im on about go to and click gallery then drag one of the pics over and you’ll see the same kinda tween on there aswell, every time i try it, the shape spins round and all that :*( , anyway…

hope you can help :goatee: thanks…

From what I can tell that’s a simple motion tween with a bit of white space and a mask over the top. Quite simple really.

Make a square of white as your tween, cover up the picture you want to uncover, then specify the different positions for the revealing. Set these states to motion tween, and finally place the mask over the top to remove any excess.

:*( yeh, but when ever i do it, it turns out really dodgy…

this is just a dodgy example of what happens

i hate tweening :*(

are you using a motion or shape tween??? I’d use a shape tween with several key frames and some shape guides.

first start with a skinny rectangle that doesnt cover anything. Then add a key frame and make it so the top edge has only expanded like this:


You get the idea… then add some shape guides/hints to all four corners. Then repeat the process until you get the desired effect and be sure to keep using the shape guides/hints to keep it from going all dodgy on you! Give it a try, if you still cant get it I’ll make a fla for you.


:slight_smile: cheers ryall, i can get it to work now…:goatee: