Two "How do I" questions.. :(

Any help would be highly appreciated:

  1. Let’s say I have a string of words, “I am sulT”. How would I make each word appear on the screen for about 2 seconds? For example: when the animation starts, “I” will scroll in from the left and stay in the center of the screen for 2 seconds; when the 2 secs are up, it’ll scroll to the right (eventually disappearing from the screen) and at the same time “am” will scroll in from the left; and the same thing happens for “sulT”.

  2. How do I make a “Play Again” button for the animation? I want the animation to play only once instead of infinitely.

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile: !

don’t do it with a string. MAke the words as seperate movieclips on seperate layers. On layer one have “I” as a movieClip. on layer 2 ahve “am” as a movieClip. on Layer 3 have “sulT” as a movieClip and then tween them to appear and disappear. And then on the last frame make a keyframe and put a stop() in the timeline. Make a button that has