Typewriter text

I want to do a typewriter type animation, but instead of a solid line at the bottom that blinks before the text starts, I want it to be a solid square. Does anyone know how to do the typewrite effect and how to make the blinking object infront of the text into a box? I know this question is kinda vague, but ANY help would be nice.
Thanks fellas

If I get this correctly, then yeah it’s fairly simple. :slight_smile:

To get the blinking cursor (in whatever shape you require), you just use a short movie clip. Create a new one with about 12 frames say. In the first six of these frames, you place your cursor shape. Leave the last six blank. No ActionScript required here, just let it loop. This will give you a flashing cursor look. If you want to change the speed it blinks, just add or remove frames.

As for the type, just do something similar. Create a movie clip, and have each letter appearing frame by frame. You can add a new layer to include a typewriter noise as well if you like.