Typing Speed

what’s yours?
and at what level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert)


I found this link while searching for some yahoo utilites (one which tells you if user is online, even if they are hiding in invisible mode) and also this site is kinda religious…anyway who cares!!just take the test :stuck_out_tongue:

48wpm at Expert, with 1 mistake.

28 wpm - I tried it on Intermediate.

I’m not really known for my speed or typing skills. Especially not my SPELLING skills … ewww

I don’t get it, what am i supposed to type…?

Yeah, what are we supposed to type? I typed “Coppertop” on expert and it said “You made an error, but typed at a speed of 547 words per minute”. This is kind screwed up.

u have to type the text given above.

I dunno… I tried it on my Macintosh here at the house and it gave me two errors while I was typing… I got 56 WPM on Expert with one error… I’ll try it when I get to the office with my lovely PC :smiley:

45 WPM on Expert, but i have my finger bandaged… :wink:

I don’t see anything written above…

85wpm. I tried doing it witout looking at the keyboard.

And I don’t even use the right fingers!

"Hello my name is Ethan Michael"
I get 238 wpm.

"holy moly"
535 wpm.

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**I don’t see anything written above… **

it was working and few other members posted their speed according to their text, wonder why is it not working(even on my computer):upset:

I can type 98 words per min. with 0 errors typing a paragraph from huckfin…

i’ll try that site now

here’s another test:

Result: 72 WPM

i Got 57 WPM on Thors Typing test and 55 on Jas’s

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**here’s another test:

Result: 72 WPM **

yeh, that’s the huckfin one i was talking about