Can you type?

or to be more specific can you type in standard form? adsf jkl;?

i never really learned. im trying hard to now tho.

I can type only at about 45 wpm… :frowning: My friends can type at over 60 but i get very bored of those typing tutor programs! VERY BORED!!!

Most of my typing I learned from chatting…after a while you get used to it and the keys become etched in your mind and you won’t have to look to type! so my suggestion is either get a typing program…or CHAT LIKE CRAZY! :slight_smile: good luck

i am learning now, but i just dont like to use the home row keys. i do just fine with out them. i can type 43 words per min. :slight_smile:


…but it is the way of the world… and I still look at the keys :sure:

I can touch type pretty fast, without looking at the keyboard… i never follow the ‘qwerty’ rule though :-\

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…but it is the way of the world… and I still look at the keys :sure:

so do you use DVORAK?

qwerty was developed because dvorak style was causing alot of messed up keyboards…they did it to restrict speeds…

qwerty is okay tho…who really needs to type 80 wpm? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can type about 80 wpm. I spent 3 years in middle school in typing classes and then 1 year in high school. Now of course, I can only do this on good keyboards (not the bad $1 kind that take like 15 pounds of pressure per inch to push the key down) and I have to know what i’m typing. My fingers move about 30x faster than my mind :).

I type around 45-50 WPM with my hands on the right keys and not looking at the keyboard.

Self taught baby!!! I had 1 typing class in school, but that was on a typewriter… in middle school… before I ever had a computer. So needless to say, 2 years later I forgot how to type when I got a computer.

120 cwpm +

yes i can. so glad i took those 2 classes in school now.

yes, took 1 class in 9th grade… rockin’ out to 70’s rock and roll while learning to type out of a book (but it was in the 70’s)…

Had to relearn with the computer (amazing how little you type while selling shoes and being a chef) …

I survive tho.


MAK: qwerty dates back to the 1800’s (invention of the typewritter) … dvorak is the relatively recent developement, an attempt to make a more logical layout (Dr. August Dvorak) from a WWII era study about why it took so long to learn to type fast

I haven’t tried his yet only because I’d have to re-learn and I’m too lazy today

qwerty still==evil … but the world uses it so one needs to know it

I look at the keys, not the screen. :slight_smile: I can type pretty well I guess, but not the whole ‘touch typing’ thing. Partly, maybe. :slight_smile:

has any one ever tried Mavis Beacon? thats all i did last year in the 8th grade. i hated it and we all used to skip lossons because thats all we would do for 3 hours. i hated it…


I never learned to type, I type not looking at the keyboard, what else can say :slight_smile: I like typing more than hand writing

I can type about 70 wpm… in doing so I backspace at about 50 wpm :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve really got the hang on the ‘delete’ button, but the rest continue to elude me. :stuck_out_tongue:

so how fast can you type not using the keyboard? You know they got those little apps that record what you’re typing - how would you go about getting around that if you had to?

I used to have passwords for things where the password was a word on the login screen where I would just select it and paste it in the password dialog. Yes, I was (cough am cough) quite lazy… or maybe thats resourceful?

Surely typing in about 6 -7 letters is just as time consuming as doing a cut and paste?

copy and paste are buttons on my mouse (as is return). Im layed back in my chair not having to touch the keyboard at all most of the time :slight_smile: