U.S. Capitol in 3D

Hi… I am still working on the fire image but I wanted to post this model
as a sort of wip… if you went to my site you probably saw it already,
this has 700,000 poly’s in it… and I am no where near the end…
I am trying to build it to scale… (impossible)… try getting exact dimentions of the U.S. Capitol “now a days”…I dare ya’… he he he …anyway hope you dig it.

that looks really really nice


wow… thats awsome…

ive only just started playing with 3D and i can imagine how hard it is to get something half decent…

wow that looks really great. must have taken you days, even weeks. i need to start learning 3D.:slight_smile:

700,000 POLIES! bows what proggi?

holy ****

Great Work :thumb: :A+:

Wow!!! :thumb:

  • Soul :s:

Nice amount of detail there! What App are you using?

Thanks for the kuddo’s everybody… it did take a while to do, almost three weeks full on. Ironikart the app is Lightwave 7…I started building it in or around 911, (feeling a bit moody), but can’t seem to focus in on finishing it. the dome is going to be intense, I can feel it comming. I have pictures out the wazzo but without actual measurements it’s all guestimations… The size of the mesh is huge…unless I start to cut curves now, this model will round out to be almost 2 million poly’s without the surrounding grounds…trees parkinglot, ect… I will repost more of a finished model later, but thanks for the kuddo’s again…

I haven’t used any other 3d apps other than Swift 3d, what are other apps like? Do they crash a lot? Can they handle a lot of objects? I know Swift is only barebones 3d. Is there a limit to how many objects lightwave and 3ds and maya can handle?

holy **** gpdesigner, n1!

cybergold: maya was used for Shrek (correct me if I’m wrong) as well as a number of other films… (Final Fantasy?) - basically… no :slight_smile: it depends on the spec of your pc I guess… but, yes, they can handle ****loads of objects :wink:

Maya was used when making the FF movie yes :slight_smile:

and Gran Turismo 3… and a whole lot of other great titles…

such a powerful proggy…

Cybergold … lots of good questions, I can’t speak for other 3d programs, but I can tell you about lightwave. I wouldn’t put swift 3d in that kind if catagory yet, I do have a version of swift but have only done basic…,
(very basic) models with it. Seems swift is more for the web, and is limiting to the versitility of what you can do to an object, verses the other 3d vector programs. I could be wrong but from my very limited use of swift… this is my impression. Maya and 3d max are excellent programs and both have done alot of film and television work. The stand up thing about max is it has done more film work than maya… personally I think maya is better that 3d max,
3d max seems to rely on alot of plug ins and externals to function… I could be wrong about this too, just a few things I have read about 3d max here and there that makes me form this conclusion. Lightwave on the other hand has done it’s share of film and television, Black Hawk Down, Blade 2, Hearts war, Rollerball, A.I. ( Artificial Intellegence ), Final Fantasy, Lost in Space, Dogma,
Red Planet Free Jack X- Men, … there are more but you get the picture.
As far as it’s limits… unlimited points and polygons per object
1023 points per polygon
4096 bones per object
32,000 cameras per scene
32,000 objects per scene
32,000 lights per scene
65,000 objects per layer
unlimited images
unlimited surfaces
so you can see that lightwave is an awesome program… Is it better than Maya or 3D Max… I can’t tell you I guess it is all up to what you prefer just like most programs… is Go live better than Dreamweaver…
anyway gotta run… here is an image I did and screwwed up the door frame.
I will fix it one day but I think I should finish the capitol first.

Now that is amazing! How long was the render? =)

whoa these are awesome!
A cool 3d artist we have here! Nice work man!

That image took about 4 hours to render… I used radiosity to light the scene
so that slowed the process down a bit.
Syko, I wish I could say I was a tenth as good as some of the other folks who do 3d, I hang out on the lightwave forums… there are some talented folks over there… would burry me in a second… :slight_smile:
I am just trying to incorporate 3d in web design at the moment… and if I can improve my talent one piont everyday, then it is all worth it.

heh I wish I could say I was a hundredth as good as you!