Uber sparkle effect

I just love www.liquidjourney.com and all of their great source experiments, it’s just a shame some of them are some CPU intensive. I downloaded this sparkle effect and have been playing around with it a bit (well all I really did was changed the color and mc/mask sizes to suit me)… at first when it was unmodified the animation was using about 40-60% of cpu which isn’t too bad i don’t think but for some reason when I made the area smaller it kicked the cpu usage straight up to 100% which I think is quite weird.

the animation is currently running at: http://cg.psdsliced.com/test1 as you can see it lags the whole site and eats up a whole lot of CPU usage.
Is there any way I can make the animation run a lot smoother or should I just avoid using cool animations like this altogether? :stuck_out_tongue:

my .FLA file is here if anyone wants to play with it (mx2004 format): http://cg.psdsliced.com/test1/feature.fla