Ultimate Bands List - HUBL

Hi folks,

I made a site to promote local bands in my area, could you have a look and tell me what you think please? Suggestions on anything i could do better etc?


It’ll be changing to its proper domain name of hubl.co.uk once i’ve got some opinions from you guys and finished the calender and MP3 sections.


? :frowning:

that looks awesome man! great job!

Nice & Smooth…Should be good when you add some sound.

I’m not so sure about that rollover sound, its good the first time on the spalsh page but after that it gets a little repetative.

Anyway, its [nearly] all good!

nice site… but some of the transitions are mind-numbingly slow… can’t you speed them up a bit? …also… what fps are you using?

nice work!

alsome i even kinda like the blue gum ears band…

site is great but a bit slow on loading… nice flashing though!:smirk:

Thanks for all the comments so far,

The FPS is at 40, I think it just goes slow at some area’s because theres too much going on at once and using too much CPU. I might try fix that.

I might change the rollover sound too…