Ultimate BAttle of the Gods

ok, Sounds good. Let me know what he says.

tis true…i got it to worjk… must have been a glitch. thanks for the help.

[ot] Dude, DJ, how come I’m not in your battles section on your website? :([/ot]

If you remember my site is not completely finished. Besides we never finished.:wink:

We never finished?!
What are you talking about? We had a poll, and a gallery.

Does this ring a bell? :smiley:


LoL, he tried to give you the shaft :wink:

I’m lost…

I laugh at this thread’s title/premise :wink: I was expecting to come in and see this big announcement about how God, Thor, and Zeus were going to duke it out in a 4 piece each tennis battle. :beam:

edit: forgot to say, the reason I laugh at this thread is it could have been done and set up over AIM/PM, instead of coming out and announcing to the world that you, Dj, think of yourself, Unflux, and SG as Gods. I just think that maybe next time Dj, something like this should get done outside of the public eye and then unveiled in a less… pretentious way to the rest of the forum. It doesn’t really help that you pick out yourself and 2 other members as Gods and share this with the rest of us, kind of gives me the feeling you think you’re better than the rest of us common folk, which I know isn’t the case, because I know you and you’re a good guy, but you know what I mean… one man’s opinion.

I feel the same way, so, technically, if I beat a god… Then I’m a supreme being!
Muahah mortals!

nuh-uh… Gods Don’t Exist… :stuck_out_tongue:

The title was just a joke guys. Don’t take it so serious. It’s just that everyone that that the battle between sg and UN and me and UN were some of the best. So I thought I’d be funny and name it that. No big deal. Grinch I forgot about our battle. I was thinking of Graphicslash. Oops.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I’m horrible at PS anyways…

So we gonna do this or what? I’m ready :wink:

Yea. I think UNFLUX is on vacation too. So um you wanna start another thread or go off this one?

LET THE GODS DUEL! haha which one of you is buddha and which is jesus? you guys should have a spiritual theme to this one, that would be interesing!

Waits To See Who Throws Thunder First


This thread or another. No matter to me.

This Battle is Postponed to a Later Date… For the battle between Ethan and I please locate the thread named Ethan vs Dj-Studios. Thank you.

you’re welcome.

sorry I was late on this, was away on vacation. I think we should wait until silent returns to do this particular 3-way. In the meantime, I wouldn’t mind a Round 2 with you sometime soon DJ. :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. - Chill out on the title guys, it’s obviously a joke. I don’t in any way consider myself the best, or a god. A different title will be considered whenever this does come to fruition.