Ultimate load movie tutorial

All,\r\rI have noticed several derivatives of the load movie tutorial on this board but am still struggling. I wonder if I could ask you fine people can help the new person like me.\r\rCheck out www.burntgraphix.com/main/index2.html\r\rSee the “artwork” link? Thats all I want to do. I have tons of photo thumbnails, which, when clicked, would launch some pretty animated version of a full photo in the main movie.\r\rPerhaps I could kindly ask one of you guys to dissect this for me? What technique is used here? Load Movie? \rHow many movies in total seem to be in this? What should I look out for? How can I specify where in the main movie the photo would load?\r\rIf you could post the ultimate load movie tutorial, giving fake swf names so that at least I could copy your code it would be a huge help.\r\rThanks all. Love Kirupa.\r\rKelly

each individual piece of artwork would be a movie clip - unless it’s done in MX, in which case just the animated border would be a movie clip and the image would be dynamically loaded.\ranyways, there are 2 ways to go about this:\r’loadMovie’ and ‘loadMovieNum’.\rusing ‘loadMovie’ there would be targets placed on the stage (either statically or dynamically, doesn’t matter which) for different ‘classes’ or types of loaded movies. there would be a target for menus, and the menu items that get loaded. i find loading into targets useful when there’s not much to load. i don’t like having to keep track of empty movie clips on the stage in the editing environment. if the author used an empty movie clip and duplicated it he could control it’s size and position dynamically, and also name them dynamically.\rusing ‘loadMovieNum’ there would be a ‘base’ movie (the first one loaded into the player) that would then load the main menu and preloaders into levels. how those levels are stacked can create some amazing effects (as seen at www.2advanced.com, the most copied flash style around).\rsince there’s not much overlapping in the site you listed i would assume that the highest level is the main menu and that the submenus are loaded into a lower level.\ri have some sample files around here somewhere and will post the link as soon as i put them up on my server.\r:) \rjeremy

Thanks Jeremy! I appreciate you taking the time to post this. I am going to play around with load movie for a few hours.\r\rUh, dumb question. When we talk about “load movie” are we talking about publishing several different swf files…all of which are uploaded into the same directory on my web server…correct? I mean, we arent talking about several different scenes in the same swf right?\r\rKelly

‘loadMovie’ and ‘loadMovieNum’ in MX refers to the loading of swf’s and/or jpg’s. it has nothing to do with scenes.\r:) \rjeremy

ok jeremy,\r\r1) I uploaded a “parent” flash movie that I named swf1 to my server.\r2) In that flash movie I created a button.\r3) In that button, I added some action script to attempt to load my that simply says:\r\ron (release) {\r loadMovieNum(“swf2”, 0);\r}\r\r4) I upload a second published movie that I saved as swf2\r\rWhen I go to my site and click on the button in swf1 it does not launch swf2. OK, I’m a dork. But, what am I doing wrong?\r\rthanks\r\rKelly

you are loading a movie into level zero. you don’t want to do that. level zero is the first movie loaded into the flash player. try loading into level 1…or 500…or whatever, just not zero.\ryou are replacing the movie with the button with the movie you want to load.\r:) \rjeremy

OK, I did that.\r\rI have one movie, called swf1 trying to launch swf2 from a button in swf1. The script attached to the button in swf1 is:\r\ron (release) {\r loadMovieNum(“swf2”, 1);\r}\r\rI published both files to web. The trouble is that when I click the button in swf1 … swf2 does not load. In fact, nothing happens.

the file name is incorrect. try this:\ron(release){\rthis.loadMovieNum(“swf2.swf”,1);\r}\rthat should work.\r:) \rjeremy

Just in case, I made -maybe not the ultimate- a tutorial about loadMovie, you might want to check it out.\rwww.kirupa.com/developer/mx/loading.asp\r\rpom 0]