Understanding Degrees on the Web


When it comes to degrees, you probably know a whole lot about them already from just being alive...taking geometry classes in school, doing basic woodworking, going into outer space, and/or having ever rotated an element in an image editor:

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Favorite Simpsons (or Family Guy) Clips

I didn’t realize you were such a Simpsons fan. I see the reference in the “What is a Kirupa?” page too.

PS: I like your signature.

PPS: Sorry for being so off-topic.


I thought most web people were self taught mostly, we need a degree ? :nerd_face:


@TheCanadian - I’m a big fan of the earlier seasons (< Season 13). I haven’t had a chance to watch the many years of episodes since then, but that is on my bucket list for one day. I also like Family Guy a whole lot as well, so I need to figure out a way to incorporate funny moments from that into everyday life and writing as well haha.

@prg9 - the more the better!


I’m the same. Newer seasons are unwatchable.