Just "Hello"

Hi all

I just signed up at these forums, I’ve heard pom talking about the kirupa forums, and I thought I’d sign up.
I hope I can make myself useful around here. :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

If you know anything about Flash (even if it is just making a square with the shape tool) I am sure you will be plenty of help here.

well…I know some actionscript, some math and some physics.


More than me :slight_smile:

are you sure about that? 'cause I don’t know much…I’m just 16 years old…


I am 18 and just started Flash 5 months ago.

I know nothing about the Math and Physics side of AS… so at least in that area you know more than me.

in that case…I might know more :slight_smile:

you probably know more about designing :slight_smile:

question: what does the square with the down-arrow in front of this thread mean? :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum:)
You will find this to be one of the most usfull and active Flash forum sites on the net.

I hope so, there are definately a lot of users around here, and good sections too.


Actually I am horrible at design in Flash… I am stronger in the coding side… but self teaching with no books or anything takes longer to learn.

As for the square with the down arrow, I believe that means to go to the first new post or something. I never use it.

Hey Steve! Welcome to Kirupa, man. And don’t be so modest…

pom :cowboy:

Hey Steve!
Welcome to the forums. I’m sure you’ll have a great time here! Yeah, like Pom says, you don’t have to be modest =)

Kirupa :o

i don’t know physics and i’m **** proud of it, and i’m almost 19.

bit-101 invasion, Kir…

Welcome steve!

I think its impressive to be 16 and know math and physics fairly well( to me its impressive, Im a dum dum when it comes to that). Im 20 and know CRAP. Im just learning flash physics now… and ive been at this for a while now…

Besides my Physics class in HS was awesome, however not mathematical orientated (more concept orientatied) so i have no formulas to apply =) hehe

O well =)