Undesirable position shifts after color tweening

Hi all,

I use a tween in order to fade in a picture. Unfortunately the picture shifts at the end of the tweening motion.

I tried the macromedia online support and got the following answer:

When tweening just the color effect of a symbol, group or object, select only Motion from the Tweening dialog box. If Tween scaling or Tween rotation are selected, undesirable position shifts may be calculated for static objects in the tweening process.

Unforutunately this does not work.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Hey Zimbo,
Are you referring to the distortion and random tearing you see in an image as it is being animated? Try this:[list=1]
[]Insert a layer above the layer containing the tweened image
]In the new layer, draw a big rectangle that covers up your animation
[]Select the rectangle you drew and press F8.
]Select Graphic and press OK.
[*]From there, select the rectangle again, look toward the Properties panel toward the bottom. Click the drop-down menu and select Alpha. Set Alpha to 0.
[/list=1] You should see your image again because the rectangle is completely transparent. Play the movie again; it might work.

Kirupa :rambo:

It worked! Thanks a lot, kirupa!

Good to hear that :slight_smile: I have that problem all the time, and I think it is probably a bug in the Flash player. When the animation is previewed within Flash (pressing Enter while the timeline is on Frame 1) the error usually does not occur. Only when the movie is previewed in a browser, does this problem occur.

Kirupa :asian: