UNFLUX goes part time

As some of you know already, I have a new job. Because of it’s
nature, I won’t be designing full-time any more. Unless something
drastic changes… [not likely]

the job opportunity is just oo good to pass up, so I took it.
I’ll be finishing up my few last roject over the next few weeks and
then doing the company’s new site. After that, I have no plans to
take on another full plate of projects or clients.

I wanted to make sure my fellow kirupians knew what was up
with me and my site and my biz.

What about your little basement thing? :frowning:

  • Soul :s:

i sure hope its better than doing your own stuff bro, ive personally been burned one too many times by former employers, thats why im studying to make my own business, if im gonna bust my ***** its gonna be for me not someone else, thats just MHO but i wish you luck bro :beam:

P.S. Didja finisht the basement or is it gonna become another closet???

do what has to be done… God bless

the basement in still in progress and definitely going to be
finished as my office. I HAVE to build it and move because
the room i’m in now is my son’s BR! UNFLUX HQ should be
completed within the next few weeks, not to worry. :wink:

the job is well…great. i spent the last week there, planning and
getting acclamated. I was hired by a financial company to be
their IT Director, so I have a lot to do obviously. This is the job
I wanted before I started UNFLUX anyway, so it’s come full-circle
for me.

They hired UNFLUX for their web site as well, I get that duty too.
And gladly! =)

Wish me luck in it.

I’m sure you’ll still have a bit of free time to do some designing :beam:

  • Soul :s:

of course I will! Just not like I am now. There’s no way I could
keep this client-load and do this new job and still have time for
everything else.

Well if it is what you wnated in the first place i wish you the best and good luck bro and at least if it doesnt work out you still ahve unflux to keep the cash flowing in :wink:

congrats unflux!
good luck, not that you need it

thx guys. luck? what’s luck?
i never had any and I don’t want to start now! :wink:

Congrats UNFLUX ! :wink:

Hey UNFLUX congrats. you’ll be happy if this is what you wanted to do in the first place.

Congrats Unflux, I hope you’ll be happy with that job…

BLASTBOY, your signature is kinda big …

yeah it needs to be 8 pixels shorter

congrats unflux, and god bless. :thumb:

Congratulations UNFLUX! You’ve got mad site design skills, man!

thanks everyone! I get to do their site and identity too, so that’s
coming soon too. Not 100% out of the game. :wink:

Way to go man, a new life in the family, a new room in the house and new job working with computers.

Sounds like things are going well for you bro - I hope your fortune stays on the upswing :slight_smile: