Unload movieclip

I can load an .swf in my MC by

knop.onRelease = function() {
alain.swf._width = 464;
alain.swf._height = 276;

but how can I get the MC empty again if you release another button?

andereknop.onRelease = function(){

I’ve tried that but it didn’t work out.
You’ve seen the praesidium mc pop up when you go over it huh? Well I want the mc to unload when they klik that.

But when I try to put the action in it, everything blocks…

Well yeah, you must make sure that you gave your button and your holder movieclip the correct instance name (not the same as the name in the library).

If you click one of the bttons in the preasidium mc, another person is supposed to load right ? So why use unloadMovie if you need to loadMovie again right after it ? By using loadMovie, the previous content in the movieclip you’re loading it into will be replaced by what you load in it.

Because first you have to see the text abaut the new person