Unloading dynamic movie

Hey guys,

so i am filling the stage with movies with a keypress fuunction. Each new movie is added as a new layer:

on (keyPress "u") {
	_root.collage_holder.attachMovie("anim3", "a" + (k++), k);

and i need to unload a movie that was loaded 5 keypresses before. But i am struggling with the syntax, i have tried

on (keyPress "v") {
	_root.collage_holder.attachMovie("anim2", "a" + (k++), k, {_x:500, _y:500, _xscale:30, _yscale:30});

but seemingly to no avail. Is the syntax just wrong, or is this simply the wrong approach.

noone care to take a stab at this one?

First of all you dont need to unload this mc from memory… (it is beeng used enyway…)

remove it instead… and use its dinamic name… not level.


Have fun flashing.