Until The Day I Die ( new piece please comment )

hey been a while since i posted here my modem been down for a week or so but ne ways my latest piece hope you like it … :crazy:

That’s crazy…I like it! :thumb:

i like the image, but not the typo

i dont really like it, image dosent make any sense to me. and type dosent work. also the sentence seems to be jumbled up… i would put heart first///

My heart spills for you,
Till the day i die.
(or similar)
[size=1]My heart for you, i spill,
Till the day i die[/size]

I believe he’s quoting song lyrics, so that wouldn’t be proper. The typo is ok, just a little too large. The blending is what really kills it though. As for the rest of the piece, I really like it. I think it fits the tone of the song you’re quoting, and probably the feeling it conveys. Very interesting piece, and nice of use of color – or lack thereof.

^^ yepers! ^^

lyrics from a song “Until The Day I Die” by “Story Of The Year” i will work on typo any ways thanks for the comments guys means a lot to get some good crit from u proper artist.

in my oppion, id make the text drip slighty with blood.

yea that’s not bad, but the main problem is the UpPy DoWnY text.

The image itself is great. The Typography though is really off putting and seems to have no relavence. Post just the picture without the text please…

I think the text could look a little more interesting with some work. I also cant really tell whats going on, its not very clear. Is his heart exploding? The photograph itself isnt very great, and doesnt have a very much contrast. I think that makes the blood kind of out of place. Also, im getting sick of pictures done on photoshop that are just bloody for the sake of being bloody, so I’m not so fond of this one.

//offtopic: wow starpromo, that footer is really awesome! I hadnt seen it before.

i really like the blood effect, thats sweet. type could use some work, looks like a stalker letter, dunno if that was the effect you were going for.