Up and down motion

ok, there’s this cool looking thing I’m trying to do, an example is here…


so how do you do the up and down thing??

Well the site is down at this moment, but I actually went there earlier today for other reasons.

Are you talking about the up and down effect on each of the squares? If so… that is like the most simple thing ever.

It is just a button, and in the OVER frame on the button timeline, they have the button raised up.

A little more complicated than that. Personally, I’d use a movieclip and use the actions like it was a button. Make a motion tween to move up, move a frame in the movieclip the static image, and make a tween containing the same amount of frames as the first starting from the position in the first frame and then going down to the static image.

Use the on(rollOver) and on(rollOut) commands.

If you need more help let me know and I’ll include a simple animation fla for you to piece apart.


Oh, yeah sorry, I didn’t realize they tweened up and down.

The site was down when I went to check so I couldn’t double check it, I thought they just popped up.

My apologies.

they seem to ease in and out…lost wrote a tut on that!

I just wrote easing tuts on easing on mouse click and easing on mouse follow, not on buttons :-\

I should write a few more tutorials on easing though. I will be the master of easing.

Ya know… since it is really the most interesting effect I know :slight_smile:

thanks, that all helps a lot and now I’m even more interested in EASING!

	_x += (endX-_x)/speed;
	_y += (endY-_y)/speed;

There is the formula for it… experiment all you want :stuck_out_tongue:

You can find my tutorials here…

Mouse Follow - http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/followease.asp
Mouse Click - http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/easing_mouseclick.asp