Upcoming Tutorials

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to give a head’s up on the tutorials currently in progress. These are the following tutorials that are CURRENTLY being worked on:

The Alpha Property (may be scrapped half-way)
What is a movie clip?
Changing Fonts Using HTML in Flash - DONE!
Scrolling Dynamically Loaded Text - DONE!
The Guess The Number game
Creating a Full Flash Site
Creating Back/Forward, Pause, and Stop controls for a Flix movie.
Tutorials created by other individuals (ptolemy, pom, dan).

Kirupa :ninja:

I’m deep down into 3D in Flash. Anybody interested (it’s definitely advanced)?

pom :asian:

Hey Pom,
Sure. That would be an interesting topic for you to cover :slight_smile:

Kirupa :rambo:

The moment I understand the code I’m copy/pasting, I make a tutorial (btw, I sent you the definitive version of my little AS thinggy).

Last thing: about that AS dictionnary you were talking about. That’s interesting. But it’s HUGE!! So maybe you should ask the people on this board to choose a fonction they know well and do a little article on it, so that it is faster. Just an idea.

pom :asian:

Lack of sleep makes me post…:rambo:

anyone know what sprites are and how to use them? maybe a tutorial could be made on them…

can i request for a jukebox tutorial…
like the visitor can choose from a few songs…
can control the volume
and the basic start pause and stop buttons??

That’s interesting. Why don’t YOU try and make it, ask for help on the forum and then make your own tutorial? I could help you :slight_smile:

pom :asian:


this is a very nice site, I’m glad I found it; great job, Kirupa. I’ve already been able to utilize the tutorials for my work. I’d like to request a tutorial from any of the masters…

I don’t know if anyone else is in my shoes, but the change in Actionscripting from Flash 4 to 5/MX has left me in the dust. Just as I was becoming quite comfortable with ‘Tell Target’,etc, Macromedia went and changed eveything to ‘Root’ and ‘This’ and ‘_Parent’!!! I’ve been trying for a long to learn how to do the simplest of tasks with the newer coding, and I can’t even get a button to work! Macromedia’s Help Files are pitifully difficult to understand, and I haven’t to date found a tutorial on how to do what we used to do with ‘Tell Target’ with the new code (i.e., programming a button, or controlling MCs with buttons). :-\

If anyone’s willing to post a simple tutorial or explanation, I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

LOL, bduffy, you posted this already in another thread. I replied to it, so if anyone wants to check it out there see if theres anything to add or change from my post.

It can be found here…

Ya know, instead of going through all of it again here.

hi all

hi all
you may have noticed i have been writing a few tutorials on components recently around the old kirupa site all i would like to say is if u want a tutorial ask me if i can find a component because it will make life easier for every1 beginners and experts.


go to www.flashcomponents.net and download the jexters iu component - it has a cool mp3 player www.flashcomponents.net