hey guys,

sorry i havent been around lately. I have been having alot of hard hoops to jump threw in the past few weeks.

Between school and my social life, i just dont have any time for the forums any more. But i am making my best effort to show up in the help forums. Things should be clearing up soon.

I am having MAJOR car problems. I am leaking anti freeze, and its ending up in my air filter. That will cost me about $400 bucks to fix. which i dont have.

Today i found out that my grandma is in the hospital. The last time she went in, the doctors didnt think should would make it. So everyone in my house is really depressed including me.

So i am having a hard time right now so i will be taking a break from the forums for about a week or so. Just to think about stuff that is going on and to try and get threw it all.

So i hope to see you all soon.