Hey everyone!

well im just stoppin in to give you all an update… Ive been doing alright lately. Just alot going on as far as work, school, and my gf. Basically right now i am on the verge of getting kicked out of school… Long story but im the inniocent one in this issue. Im basically getting screwed over cus its some ones word against mine… but owell

my grandfather almost died, he had a major opperation on his heart about 3 weeks ago and we almost lost him many times. He did suffer from brain damage from this operation. He has sufficent memory loss… :frowning:

now as far as the situation with the baby… something happened that i dont want to discuss and there isnt a baby any more. :frowning:

so yeah its tough times for me right now… alot of weight on my shoulders and its gettin tough…

(i baught this for my gf today) :stuck_out_tongue:

ill talk to you all later