Updating Dynamic Text Box

Okay everyone. Noob here trying to learn some stuff, so far I’ve half worked out this problem. Now, I’ve got this code that creates a dynamic textfield, converts ‘score’ to a string, displays string, and updates the value of score. Well, I’ve traced it and the value of score updates, but the value displayed in the text box stays the same. How do I get the value in the textbox to update/change.

            var scoreString:String = String(score);         
            var scoreNumber:TextField = new TextField();
            scoreNumber.type = TextFieldType.DYNAMIC;
            scoreNumber.text = scoreString;//scoreString is 'score converted to a string
            scoreNumber.x = scoreText.width + 5;//placement
            scoreNumber.textColor = 0xFF0000FF;//color of text

         *in the hit detection
            score += 5; //score is a public var:Number = 0