Updating remote database with local sqlite database

Hi all,

Long time since me last post :shh:

Anyway, here’s what I gots…
We will be putting a few kiosks at the mall.
They will be running an air app, and we needed usage analytic info recorded.
There is a lot of info not needed like any other web analytics.
Session info, user/browser info and the like…

All we need is what button is pressed on what kiosk, at what time of day.

So after some hair pulling I managed to use air to create, and populate a local sqlite db with the required info, so that’s cool.

Now here’s where I need help…
Every couple days, I need to use this data that has been collected to update a remote database and then display the results in a page online, kindof like google analytics…tho not so indepth…obviously.
Only time these kiosks will be online is when the db sinc takes place, so google analytics wouldn’t do me any good.

Each kiosk db has one table and 4 columns:
kiosk ID, ButtonID, Client ad info, time/date.

As to the remote db, I guess there should be a table for each kiosk(?) with this info added to it, when we do our sync every couple days.

Not sure what kindof db/sql/server we will have yet, tho I suspect it will be php/mySql.

Is a bit new at this, and is learning on the fly…
hope this mess makes somekindof sence

derp…help? LOL

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: